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The Truth About Nitric Oxide Supplements

So what do nitric oxide supplements really do? Are they good or bad for you? Here at nitric oxide side effects we aim to give you the facts. We are not trying to sell you on anything, we are just giving you the information so that you can make the best choice for yourself and your well being. Straightforward, cut and dry. No FLUFF. No smoke and mirrors just the facts as they are. So what does nitric oxide supplements really do?

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How Nitric Oxide Supplements Help You When Working Out

Your decision to get in shape is a noble one, for your heath and productivity that influences how much you can deliver to those who depend on you. The following explanation answers your question: what supplements will help me get in shape when working out?

You need nitric oxide based supplements to improve the efficiency of muscle build up during your workout. Arginine is an amino acid that your body enzymes transform into Nitric Oxide immediately you ingest it and it improves blood flow. This effect occurs as vessels dilate and amino acids, glucose, and hormones necessary for growth are able to pass through the vessels, at a fast rate, up to muscle areas that need them. Dilation of vessels by Arginine supplement also leads to improved water delivery to muscle cells. You get better protein synthesis that promotes muscle development.


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Right time to take a nitric oxide supplement

You take Arginine at least three times a day, first when you wake up and then when you are working out finally when you are about to retire to bed in the evening. The morning dose enhances the shuttling of nutrients from food and other supplements to your body parts. The second dose before will enhance natural growth hormone activity and the last dose will contribute to hormonal activity for muscle development as you sleep. Before the workout, you can rely on tested pre-workout supplements like SuperPump 250, NO-Xplode, NO Shortgun, Dymatize Xpand, or MuscleTech NaNO Vapour.

How NO supplements work

The working mechanism of supplements that break down to release nitric oxide is that it increases blood flow into your muscles. You can therefore pump more weights that will enhance your gains at the gym.

You need Nitric Oxide at all times in your body. Supplements serve to increase its volume, when your body is experiencing a deficiency. You cannot carry out physiological processes if you lack Nitric Oxide, more so as a body builder, you have more physiological processes compared to an ordinary person and you must increase your Nitric Oxide preferably through supplements.

The key benefits of Nitric Oxide supplements

When you undertake a tight exercise regime that strains your muscles, you will experience severe strength loss minutes into the workout because you are unable to pump blood and oxygen into the muscle organs at a rate that allows you to pump weights. The tension forces muscle to outstretch their limits and this can cause injuries; however, Nitric Oxide supplements pump your muscles to enhance your stamina while relaxing them through adequate oxygen delivery. In case you injure yourself, Nitric Oxide supplements also come in handy for quick recovery for their role in enhancing production and utilization of growth hormones in your body.

When you need energy or stamina, get Nitric Oxide supplements and follow the manufacturers or prescriber’s dosage instructions; you will not regret your decision. A Nitric Oxide supplement is a natural diet component, as it only contains amino acids and does not introduce chemicals into your body, thus it has no side effects.

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Possible Side Effects of Nitric Oxide

Before a breakthrough discovery by scientists in the 90′s, nitric oxide was just another gas pollutant that did more harm to humans than good. The discovery showed that our bodies produce nitric oxide when an enzyme called nitric oxide synthase breaks down L-arginine, an amino acid from proteins. Nitric oxide is a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in controlling bodily functions such as temperature regulation and dilation of blood vessels among many others. More studies on the functions of nitric oxide in the human body continue to show proof of its many benefits.

As a neurotransmitter, nitric oxide stimulates vasodilatation in which the muscles lining the blood vessels relax and cause the blood vessels to widen, improving circulation. This delivers more nutrients and oxygen to body tissues, flushes out wastes more efficiently and aids faster healing of wounds. Because nitric oxide is unstable, it has a very short lifespan and has to be produced continually. Studies have also shown that insufficient nitric oxide can cause problems such as hypertension, atherosclerosis and erectile dysfunction. These factors explain the popularity of nitrate oxide supplements especially among athletes.

Are there side effects of nitric oxide?

Although study findings on supplementing nitric oxide are still insufficient, taking nitric oxide boosters can be beneficial. However, overdosing does cause some side effects. You may also likely experience some of these symptoms the first few days if you are taking them for the first time.

Electrolyte Imbalance

Too much nitric oxide can lead to high levels of potassium chloride, creatinine and urea and low phosphate. If you have liver or kidney disorders, avoid nitric oxide boosters since they can interfere with these organ’s ability to regulate electrolytes in the body.

Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea

Although some people experience stomach problems, the symptoms normally disappear once the body adjusts to nitric oxide supplements.

Tremors and severe sweating

Some people experience these symptoms along with skin irritation, water retention and dry mouth because of palpitations and rapid heartbeat after taking nitric oxide supplements.

Low blood pressure

Nitric oxide causes vasodilatation and lowers blood pressure. For those already with low blood pressure and on medication, taking nitric oxide supplements may worsen the problem. If you feel dizzy, light-headed, loss of balance, nausea and vomiting persistently, stop taking the supplements and consult a physician.

Wheezing and breathing problems

High levels of nitric oxide can trigger breathing problems and allergic reactions including asthma attacks in asthma patients. Consult your doctor if these symptoms persist.

How much is too much?

The dosage recommendations vary since there are no set standards. However, physicians recommend that you start with smaller doses for about a week and increase gradually, from three grams a day to about 30g. The supplements are best absorbed when the stomach is empty. Take one supplement in the morning and another one about 30 minutes or an hour before and after a workout.

As with any other supplements, it is wise to follow dosage instructions to avoid any related side effects. When buying the supplements, always choose a high quality product that will give you value for your money.

Discover How You Can Increase Your Workouts with Nitric Oxide Supplements

If you are involved in routine fitness training, then chances are high that you are thinking of how to increase your performance without burning out. While some people have mastered this delicate art, others don’t really seem sure of how to go about it especially when using supplements. In the section that follows, we shall help you answer one of the most common questions in fitness training; how will my workout performance increase using nitric oxide?

How Nitric Oxide Works

Before we examine the benefits of using nitric oxide, we’ll just spare sometime to help you grasp how the supplements work. Nitric oxide is a substance that occurs naturally in the body. The body uses it to repair damaged organs and tissues when you sustain an injury. Nitric oxide supplements contain L-arginine (amino acid) that stimulates and enhances the functioning of nitric oxide in the body. The juiciest part is that nitric oxide supplies body muscles with vital nutrients and consequently strengthens it after a workout.

Benefits of Using Nitric Oxide Supplements

Once you start using nitric oxide, you can expect to see remarkable changes in your workout regimen. The following compelling reasons will help you appreciate fully the benefits of nitric oxide supplements.

1) Improved vasodilation- nitric oxide widens the size of your blood vessels and allows blood to flow faster than in a normal state. This increases supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and tissues and at the same time increases the body’s capacity to burn fat. That’s why nitric oxide becomes an indispensable supplement for a serious bodybuilder.

2) Enhanced metabolism- nitric oxide supplements also allows your body to process nutrients faster and to hasten the repair and healing of body muscles. The reason is that nitric oxide stimulates and enhances the body’s metabolism thus ensuring proper utilization of nutrients derived from ingested food.

3) Amplified muscle mass- you can actually increase your muscle mass considerably when you use nitric oxide supplements in your workout regimen. The supplements will help you increase performance and consequently, attain lean muscles effectively. If you combine this healthy diet, you can realize awesome results in a short time.

4) Improved physical power and endurance- nitric oxide supplements not only rejuvenate your body, but they also increase your physical power and endurance during workouts. With a clean and healthy boost of energy, you can increase your performance without worrying about potential crash in energy.

5) Better pump- increased levels of nitric oxide will improve your routine pumps and allow you to push yourself to the limit. Consequently, you can increase your weights and number of reps each set without burning out.

6) Improved mental focus – naturally, improved vascularity means more oxygen and nutrients get to your brain. The additional supply of energy and oxygen allows you to focus much better and push your body to the limit in the gym.

7) Better recovery – finally, you can expect faster recovery every time you take nitric oxide supplements. Your body needs a clean and healthy dose of nutrients and proteins so as to heal naturally. So, every time you use these supplements, you will hasten healing and recovery and this solidifies the gains you have made so far.


The bottom line is that nitric oxide supplements are good for routine bodybuilding. Besides increasing vascularity and metabolism, these supplements also increase physical power, endurance, pumps, and mental focus. When used naturally, nitric oxide supplements can help you realize massive gains in the gym.

A guide to nitric oxide supplementation

The popularity of nitric oxide as pre-workout supplements is perhaps based on the theory of the effect they have on the body’s cardiovascular system. Studies consistently prove that nitric oxide has circulation boosting and anti inflammation properties. Nitric oxide is a neurotransmitter that signals the central nervous system to relax the blood vessels and open them up, increasing blood flow. To athletes and body builders, this process is extremely important as it implies that muscles have a rich supply of oxygenated blood with more nutrients, leading to a sustained pump and increased muscle growth. It also means that lactase and other toxins are eliminated faster, enhancing your muscles’ function. If you have injury, your body heals faster when blood circulation is more efficient.

Studies show that taking dietary nitric oxide boosters can increase strength during high intensity work outs significantly. Findings of one study revealed that taking the supplements can help you exercise for up to 20 percent longer. Additionally, race times in athletes can improve by about 1-2 percent.

What are nitric oxide products composed of?

Nitric oxide normally comes in powder or pill forms. These may be in pure nitric oxide or with added ingredients such as vitamins and creatine to enhance the efficiency of nitric oxide. Known as arginine-alpha-keto-glutarate (AAKG) scientifically, nitric oxide supplements are made of about 1,000mg of A-AKG. The active ingredient is the amino acid L-arginine, which is broken down to produce nitric oxide by the enzyme arginase. L-arginine is obtained from protein sources in the diet such as soy beans, spinach, salmon, seafood and walnuts among others. In the body, nitric oxide gets used up rapidly because it is highly reactive. It must therefore be produced continuously. To boost the production of nitric oxide especially during your work out, supplementing your diet with nitric oxide is a good idea. Many athletes who use the supplements normally take them just before their work out.

Note that nitric oxide boosters work to supplement proper diet and training. Therefore, forget about increasing your strength, improving your pumps and recovering faster by taking supplements alone. Optimal results will depend on your training discipline and other lifestyle habits including frequent training (at least three times a week), healthy diet with proper ratio of protein, fat, carbs and vitamins and about 8-10 hours of sleep on your workout nights. The A-AKG nitric oxide boosters give great results when combined with antioxidants, selenium and vitamin C. If your diet is low on antioxidants, you may need to up your daily dose of nitric oxide.

How much nitric oxide should I use when I work out?

Because nitric oxide products are still a relatively new phenomenon in the sports industry, scientific dosage guidelines are yet to be developed fully. Scientists however recommend 2000mg-6000mg daily dosage. Those who weigh 200lbs and above need a higher dose of about 7000mg or seven capsules per day to achieve the desired results. For more efficient absorption, the supplements should be taken on an empty stomach, two-four times a day. The best time to take the supplements is morning, pre and post workout.

No matter your expectations, it is always important that you follow dosage instructions to avoid the side effects related to overdosing. Too much nitric oxide can cause stomach irritation, weakness, low blood pressure and fatigue among others.

Muscle Growth With With Nitric Oxide?

In the fitness industry, the use of nitric oxide as a supplement has gained prevalent popularity. If you are curious how much muscle growth you will experience when using extraordinary results, according to most people, you can get extraordinary results by using nitric oxide. Many of these people also claim that they experienced muscle gain is incredible and recovery is super fast when using nitric oxide.

What is Nitric Oxide (NO)?

A groundbreaking new category of muscle-enhancers and muscle-builders has been created by nitric oxide (NO), which is referred to as “cell-signaling hemodilators.” Nitric oxide is the “cell-signaling” molecule of muscle that is responsible for blood flow (hemodilation), glucose uptake, muscle growth, muscle velocity, oxygen delivery, and power output.

When adequate nitric oxide levels are created and sustained in skeletal muscles, continuous muscle-enhancing advantages are delivered around the clock. These advantages include accelerated twitch muscle fiber, amplified muscle-growth signals, complete “full-body muscle recovery”, and increased endurance index (EI). Additionally, sustained demodulation is provided by the nitric oxide contained in NO supplements as a result of which a “perpetual pump”, i.e. an amplified and continuous blood-surge to the skeletal muscles, is generated.

Before nitric oxide was introduced, intense exercise was the only way of creating hemodilation, which was not very long-lasting. However, with the formulations and research of today, hemodilation can now be provided for an entire day. This means faster gains, greater results and a “perpetual pump” for you.

Why should you use Nitric Oxide (NO)?

At one time, it was impossible to generate and maintain NO levels because there was no form of a time release delivery system for nitric oxide. Any substance or agent that was capable of helping generate NO inside the body was literally dissolved by the pH factor of the human body. However, the revolutionary NO supplements of today have a corrected pH deliver system. Thus, not only is the nitric oxide delivery agent accepted by the human body, but the levels of nitric oxide in the muscles are sustained throughout the whole day.

What are the benefits of using Nitric Oxide (NO) regularly?

Following is a list of the benefits that you will experience when using Nitric Oxide (NO) regularly:

  • Better Circulation in Your Body
  • Faster Healing After Workouts
  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Increased Energy for the Entire Day
  • Increased Sexual Stamina

How much muscle growth will you see when using Nitric Oxide (NO)?

For most bodybuilders, the “perpetual pump” is the first result that is seen in 5 to 7 days. This perpetual pump will feel like a solid rock-hard muscle pump that will literally not go away and will stay throughout the day. When a perpetual pump is induced through exercise it fades rather quickly with time, but this pump will be virtually permanent. Once this perpetual pump appears, you will begin noticing increases in endurance and strength after 2 to 3 days. At the same time, increases in size of all skeletal muscles will also be noticed.

Many body builders swear by the effectiveness of nitric oxide (NO) supplements. Although there is minimal proof supporting its benefits, most people have experience significant muscle growth when using nitric oxide (NO).

Nitric Oxide and Workouts

One of the newest topics for health and workouts today is nitric oxide. For anyone who has never heard of this subject they may be wondering, what is this and how does nitric oxide help improve your workout?
Nitric oxide, also known as NO, was discovered in 1988. It is a simple molecule that has one nitrogen atom and one oxygen atom. This compound is present in the human body and works as a signaling molecule. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator and signals the arteries and veins to relax, helping to improve circulation.

In the general functioning of the body, nitric oxide helps to maintain blood pressure, heart funtions, fight infections, and regulating brain and digestive system. When scientists discovered how important nitric oxide was for cardiovascular health, they began studying how nitric oxide could help to improve people’s general health and physical activity.

The body can produce a limited amount of nitric oxide by itself. The blood vessels in the body are lined by endothelial cells. These cells can produce nitric oxide and release them into the bloodstream where they are transported to the muscles and improve their functioning. The endothelial cells primarily release nitric oxide during periods of intense workouts. Why this functioning is so important is that the body needs to increase its blood supply to the muscles during workouts. By nitric oxide causing the blood vessels to become slightly larger, more oxygen can be transported to the muscles, resulting in a better workout and more energy.

While the human body will produce nitric oxide, many people do not produce enough of it. One of the easiest ways to increase the levels of nitric oxide in the body are to take a supplement. These supplements are easy to take and help to increase the levels of this compound in the body, leading to better workouts and higher energy levels.

These supplements are not known to have any serious side effects. While anyone who is on prescription medication or has heart disease should talk to a doctor before using these supplements, they can be taken by the average person safely. Another benefit of nitric oxide supplements is that the results appear very quickly.

Many people start to feel the benefits of the supplements within three days. While it can take others longer to feel the benefits in their workouts, nitric oxide levels are rising from the supplement and working within the body. One final benefit of these supplements is that they are not stimulants. Unlike other workout-boosting supplements, nitric oxide will not keep you awake at night. In fact, it actually helps to promote natural sleep through its vasodilation action.

Nitric oxide supplements are a safe and effective way to improve general health and wellness. For anyone who struggles with exercising and keeping up energy levels, this is a great supplement to try. It comes in convenient dosages and is easy to take. If you’re tired of never making your fitness goals, try this easy and natural supplement to boost your workout!

6 Foods That Will Assist In Weight Loss

Wondering how food can help you lose weight? Any efforts to control body weight are not so much about avoiding food, but choosing the right foods to include in your diet. You will likely have better results if you combine this with exercise and healthy habits. Here is a list of six foods that will assist you in weight loss.

Fill up on cereal

Starting your day with a bowl of high fiber, healthy cereal will keep you feeling full and energetic for longer. Eating about 25g of high fiber cereal every day will help you reach your weight loss goals faster. Additionally, it will keep your gut healthy since it aids with waste elimination. Foods that are high in fiber are known to be healthy, nutritious with fewer calories per serving. Fiber is digested slowly and stays in the stomach longer. This helps to avoid regular snacking on unhealthy foods since the cravings will be less. Apart from cereal, foods such as whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber.


Not only are healthy salads full of essential nutrients, but they are also filling. Aim to have large salads containing protein such as chicken and egg whites. Most of the vegetables used in salads, such as broccoli and lettuce are rich in fiber and low on calories, which help to make you full. However, some salads, especially those made with regular dressing and cheese can actually increase your calorie intake by about 17 percent because of higher fat content. When you make your salads, substitute regular dressing with a variety of healthy seasoning to make them tasty.

Green tea

This super food contains catechins, substances that help to speed up metabolism in the body. This means your body burns fat faster and losing weight is easier. Studies show that your body can burn around 38 percent more body fat if you take about three cups of green tea per day. Green tea is also an appetite suppressant. It helps to keep your blood sugar levels stable and lowers the bad cholesterol. When your blood sugar levels are stable, cravings are reduced and you eat less, too.

Olive oil

Mediterranean diet, which is rich in olive oil, has been proven to provide optimal health benefits. Olive oil has mono unsaturated fats, which are good for lowering the bad cholesterol in blood. Olive oil also has anti inflammatory, anti cancer properties and helps with weight loss. It is rich in anti oxidants and polyphenols that make metabolism more efficient. Replace other oils with extra virgin olive oil when sautéing or making salad dressings, marinades and dips.


These are high in protein and low in fat. Beans contain cholecystokinin, a digestive hormone that suppresses your appetite and keeps food in your stomach longer. Eating a bowl of beans such as pinto, Lima or kidney beans will keep you feeling full and keep sugar cravings at bay. Eat baked beans and refried beans in moderation since they tend to be high in sugar and fat respectively.


Starting your meal with a healthy soup will tame your appetite by filling you up faster. Studies have shown that replacing two servings of a typical snack with soup can hasten weight loss by about 50 percent. However, not all soups are good for you. Broths, bean soups and tomato soups have lower calories than cream soups and chowders.

Nitric Oxide While Working Out

For workout enthusiasts, the importance of taking supplements can never be stressed enough. The reason behind this is that, supplements help the body during the recovery process and also provide the body with extra energy that is very essential when carrying out the exercises. There are many types of supplements available in the markets, the most notable one being nitric oxide.

What is nitric oxide?

Nitric oxide is a compound naturally produced by the body; it helps in controlling blood flow. Basically, nitric oxide acts as a neurotransmitter which when released controls the expansion and contraction of blood vessels and by doing so, controls the blood flow to various parts of our bodies.

One example of how nitric oxide is used in the body is the dilation of blood vessels around the stomach after a heavy meal: this is usually done to increase blood flow to the intestines and in the process improve digestion.

Nitric oxide in relation to exercise

During workouts, blood flow tends to increase to the various muscle groups under stress. The increased circulation helps in transporting nutrients to the affected muscle groups ensuring muscle development and availability of energy. In order to achieve this, the body releases nitric oxide so as instigate blood vessel expansion and increased blood flow.

Research has shown that, nitric oxide supplements usually go a long way in providing an individual with the energy needed during workouts and also help in muscle growth and recovery. By taking nitric oxide supplements, an individual is assured of getting better results during workouts. Some of the benefits associated with nitric oxide include improved rate of recovery.

As everybody knows, recovery is an essential part of any work out regime. Straining fatigued muscles is usually risky as it can lead to injuries. Nitric oxide supplements enhance blood flow to the affected muscle groups ensuring there is ample supply of oxygen necessary for the healing and relaxation of the muscles. This greatly reduces the recovery period more frequent work out regimes that will inadvertly bring in better results.

Reduced fatigue levels

Fatigue is considered as one of the major limiting factors when it comes to performing exercises. Fatigue is usually brought about a build-up of lactic acid within muscle tissues and usually manifests itself in form of a burning sensation. Nitric oxide usually increases blood supply to the affected tissues and helps in clearing out the lactic acid build up giving an individual more stamina when performing the exercises.

High energy levels

Blood flow goes a long way in maintaining temperature balance during workouts. When body temperature significantly goes up during a workout, the body usually tries to cool the tissues so that over-heating does not occur. This process is usually made easier with good blood flow since it will require less energy to achieve this purpose giving an individual more energy to perform the workout.

In view of this, nitric oxide supplements are highly recommended for individual doing workouts as they guarantee a higher success rate. You should not that; Nitric oxide supplements are relatively safe since nitric oxide is naturally produced in the body. However, directions must be followed when taking this supplement so as to avoid any side effects.

Will Nitric Oxide Increase My Energy?

Learn how Nitric Oxide can help you enhance your energy

Most of us have heard and read about nitric oxide in the chemistry papers during high school studies. This is one of the major chemical messengers of our nervous system. It is integrated with our signaling mechanism that connects fifty trillion cells present in our body through externally mediated and initiated electrochemical impulses. In several studies, the scientists have showed how increased level of NO (nitric oxide) significantly enhances the production of energy, strength and endurance of the consumer.

Amazing benefits of nitric oxide:

How Bodily Mechanisms Are Facilitated By Enhanced NO Levels

  • This enhances the memory storage and modifies the behavioral alliance of a person through back-to-back transmission of information through the neurons in the central and peripheral nervous system.
  • The supplement significantly improvises the circulation, regulates blood pressure and hence contributes to optimal cardiac health. This is a reason why many health experts recommend doing some exercises to increase the nitric oxide level inside the body naturally.
  • It effectively helps boosting up the immune system, reducing the extent and severity of inflammation, improving sleep quality, increasing sensation and recognition abilities, optimizing gastric motility and other metabolic activities.
  • Recently, the supplement is being consumed more than ever. The reason behind the extreme popularity of this product clearly lies behind the instant effect it exerts: increasing energy, strength and endurance. Many consumers think that it is a fallacy; but the international athletes, body-builders and sportsmen have been using this supplement since a long time for increasing energy during workouts or physical performances.

Will Nitric Oxide Increase My Energy?:

A scientific answer to the vital question

Nitric Oxide carries and processes nervous impulses. The molecules can create internal impulses. In severe conditions, the supplement takes upper hand and works for optimizing the major bodily organ functions. NO can do this because of it’s capability to stimulate the brain and take necessary action to restore and optimize the normal bodily states and functions. Therefore, it clearly has the ability to increase the energy level inside the body in emergency conditions.

Nitric Oxide regulates the blood pressure by influencing the hormone mediated BP-controlling mechanisms in central nervous system or brain. In certain medical conditions, or inside the body of a hypertensive (temporary rise or consistent rise of blood pressure) patient, the supplement effectively restores the normal cardiac output and blood pressure. Optimal cardiac health is essential for optimized energy levels inside human body. Thus, betterment of cardiac health finally increases the energy levels.

Finally, you should learn about the commonest mechanism NO follows for enhancing energy levels inside human body. The supplement induces the essential impulses and optimizes the circulation system. An optimized circulation system ensures the availability of sufficient Oxygen in each of the cells for aerobic and anaerobic respirations. At the same time, Nitric Oxide augments the removal of toxins like lactic acid, excess Pyruvates etc. produced due to exhaustions of the cells. This optimization process directly boosts the energy level inside human body.

These are only the hypotheses that talk about the direct Nitric oxide-based mechanisms of increasing energy in human body. There are many other indirect and passive modes of inducing excess energy in human body by consuming NO.

How Nitric Oxide Aids Faster Recovery When You Work Out

As you work out, your muscles use oxygen to breakdown glucose for energy. In the process, lactic acid, which is the by-product, begins to accumulate in the muscles as your workout intensifies. Lactic acid build up is often associated with post workout soreness and muscle fatigue. The strain of the workout may also cause muscle tears and injury. However if your blood circulation is efficient, it helps with the rapid elimination of lactic acid from the muscles while facilitating faster repair on injured muscles.

Does nitric acid cause faster recovery when working out?

Evidence shows that nitric oxide, a neurotransmitter, is good for your heart and other body organs’ function as well. It improves blood’s circulation by setting off a reaction that relaxes the smooth muscles in the walls of blood vessels thereby dilating them and improving circulation. Nitric oxide is sometimes used in treatment of high cholesterol, clogged blood vessels and heart disease. It also lowers the risk of heart disease by reducing blood pressure. With improved circulation, the body tissues and organs have an increased supply of nutrient and oxygen rich blood, which enhances their function and muscle growth. Many athletes and body builders believe nitric oxide helps to build muscle and enhance performance.

Apart from building muscle, nitric oxide helps to remove toxins faster and any injuries or wounds heal faster. This means that any tears to your muscles and injury heal faster as well. As a result, there is less interference with your performance and fitness goals. Another important property of nitric acid that benefits athletes is its ability to reduce inflammation and helping athletes cope with injury while lessening the pain.

How is nitric oxide made in the body?

Because of its role in regulating many processes in the body, nitric oxide is produced abundantly in the body. Nitric oxide is produced through the breakdown of L-arginine by enzymes. L-arginine is an amino acid, a basic building block of protein from dietary sources such as salmon, shrimp, crab, spinach, sesame seeds, walnuts, soy and oats among others. Foods rich in nitrates and nitrites help to boost the production of nitric oxide in the body. When you exercise, nitric oxide production also goes up, too.

However, sometimes the body may fail to produce sufficient nitric oxide. Studies show that people with nitric oxide deficiency have problems such as high blood pressure, chronic kidney disorders, psoriasis and erectile dysfunction among others.

If your body produces insufficient nitric oxide, supplementing your diet with nitric oxide boosters is recommended. Many healthy athletes often use the supplements just before their workouts to boost the formation of nitric oxide in their bodies. These supplements are not made of nitric oxide. Rather, they are composed of specific arginine amino acids which the body uses to form nitric oxide.

Normally, nitric oxide boosters are taken twice every day, though experts recommend that you take smaller doses at the beginning and increase the dosage to help your body adjust. Take them on an empty stomach for best results. Also, discontinue or consult your doctor if you experience side effects that refuse to go away.